Book hunt

I'm hunting for New Old books atm looking through bookstores Which is turnIng into a very weird hobby

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Well Well

I am at Work atm and i am scrubbing floors it is raining outside and Dreaming of Times past in the manor is easy time Magic and vampires Here i come!

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Me the four feeted ones and books aplenty

I'm currently rereading the Vampire Diaries, it is insane that i read them 15 years ago almost the first time and i can still read them and think they are good. At the foot of my bed I have a pile of about 40-50 books most of them i have read about 5 I haven't gotten to yet.... But I will, my cats curls up next to me on the bed when i bring out the latest book and then we just hang out for a few hours. I know i should focus on my writing on getting MY stuff done but I want to make it good, and to do that i have to know why i thought just these books were so good when i was a kid. Same with the fact that i read a lot of fan fiction and unpublished work, some authors i realize pretty quickly why they are amateurs others are so good i just can't wrap my head around it.
Do you have a favorite story or book or something that could help me write better, please tell, I'm literally all ears.
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wow I missed this!

I missed LJ and i didn't even know i did! I wont make any promises of being online more than before, cause face it i never been to good at that. But i'm here now trying to catch up on the writings of my friends and maybe get around to post a sneak peak of my vampire series.
*hugs to all*
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I'd like to start off with apolagising a thousand times to ash-carpenter whoms birthday i missed, i mena tto send a happy b-day message here but the library was closed and mums comp has 10000 to many viruses so it crashed... again.... anyway i suppose there is better late than never

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!!

also summer seem to come here it is hot outside and i want to tan up a bit this summer, i look like a ghost.... hope yall have fun and once again, i'm sorry
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a few things to get ready for summer

the summer is soon here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awsome from where i'm sitting and today the ice left the rivers so the warmth is not far away!

my newest adiction is the new trend of white tea it is good for you and with lemon it is amazing,  i make ice tea out of it and carry it around with me in bottles all the time, i ice green tea too but white is tastier

i went windowshoping today and i found this kinky silver bikini that had chains and screamed dominatrix, also a pair of hookershoes that is leopard patterened... so my to buy list gets longer by the second, anyone got a million to spare???

this summer i love......
.... ice tea
.... escada ocean lounge
.... inlines
... hot days at the beach
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have someone seen my brain? if so don't step on it plz

i lost my usb today, somewhere between the dinner table and the desk it is gone, i know i had it, held it, and even placed it on a flat surface but i can't remember where and i have looked everywhere for it! it is freaking me out.
i think i might need to get something fun to do i feel very dazed lately. i'm still not sure why, but my reliable sorcess say it is cause i'm not out enough, but hell i'm out every day these days.... but i still just wanna curl up in my bed. talking of beds i had a spec-fucking-tacular dream the other night, i'll add it in a cut lets just say i saw Romeo in a new light, and i'm talking the musican not the dude in the play. further my cat has now lost his stitches and is all good pics are up on myspace you'll find linkage under my homepage, and i am stuck on the xmas_n_july fic, i need to get some sun and warmth and get inspired agan....

so the dream...

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some happy things

i'm moving soon, like anyday as soon as they call and give the ok soon, and i am finally FINALLY writing again, requests will be ansvered but i am currently finishing the pinseries part three for cb, a scene for a th fic i promised stella to do, and making my calendrar clear for the new btvs/atsthingy  the banner is not mine i'm not taking cred for it but you should check out the comunity here on lj, i'm in and i hope you are
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words of meaning

i sent this email to a few people i feel like i've negelcted one of these peope is my mum. i got this reply today and i can't help but feel very good aout it. she is the best mum one can wish for.

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just had to share. thank you mum <33
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stole this from enlisted_smile</lj> 


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (Amarok, iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...just type it in man!

Opening Credits:
Love is a many slendored thing -grease soundtrack

Waking Up:
Filth in the beauty - gazette

First Day at School:
a thousand words savage garden

Falling In Love:
rock'n'roll is "not" dead -miyavi

First Kiss:
enter sandman - metallica

Fight Song:
play my music - camp rock soundtrack

Breaking Up:
aint afraid to die - dir en grey

night moves bob-seger

all the things she said -  tatu

Mental Breakdown:
paradise by the dashboard lights - meatloaf

i fail -regi ft scala

dappunroru koushien (baseball) -miyavi

Getting Back Together:
 keep the faith - bon jovi

backstreet girl -social distortion

Birth of Child:
dozing green - dir en grey

Final Battle:
mellos theme - death note soundtrack

Death Scene:
sk8er boi - avril lavinge

Funeral Song:
affirmation - savage garden

End Credits:
savin' me - nickelback
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