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have someone seen my brain? if so don't step on it plz

i lost my usb today, somewhere between the dinner table and the desk it is gone, i know i had it, held it, and even placed it on a flat surface but i can't remember where and i have looked everywhere for it! it is freaking me out.
i think i might need to get something fun to do i feel very dazed lately. i'm still not sure why, but my reliable sorcess say it is cause i'm not out enough, but hell i'm out every day these days.... but i still just wanna curl up in my bed. talking of beds i had a spec-fucking-tacular dream the other night, i'll add it in a cut lets just say i saw Romeo in a new light, and i'm talking the musican not the dude in the play. further my cat has now lost his stitches and is all good pics are up on myspace you'll find linkage under my homepage, and i am stuck on the xmas_n_july fic, i need to get some sun and warmth and get inspired agan....

so the dream...

i am basicly me in the dream and i'm being followed by something or someone and my aunt who in the dream wasn't my aunt but some freaky mob-head-of-the-family-figure hires Romeo to be my bodyguard, i don't aprove cause i am not very impressed with having a keyboardist as a bodyguard, so i slip in to a 7-eleven to buy some M&Ms and to make him lose his track, he doesn't cause the 7-eleven is suddenly a parking garage and i'm hiding from the others that follow me and romeo is saving me basicly by making me crawl but in the dream i'm feeling like a serious airhead i don't even think that i might should crawl and then we are walking down the street away from there and all of a suddden he is freaking tall and well male, that seemed like i think he is a girl but i don't it was just like this sense. he walks away and i am once again standing in the 7-eleven, with my candy.
when i woke up i instantly wanted to go back to sleep to get to know how it ended... and it would make sense that he would seem big as i'm tiny.... i'm not getting the change across properly but it was there, like so profound on sucha a basic level and i can't put words on it, just trust it is there....

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