cricketpoor (cricketpoor) wrote,

Me the four feeted ones and books aplenty

I'm currently rereading the Vampire Diaries, it is insane that i read them 15 years ago almost the first time and i can still read them and think they are good. At the foot of my bed I have a pile of about 40-50 books most of them i have read about 5 I haven't gotten to yet.... But I will, my cats curls up next to me on the bed when i bring out the latest book and then we just hang out for a few hours. I know i should focus on my writing on getting MY stuff done but I want to make it good, and to do that i have to know why i thought just these books were so good when i was a kid. Same with the fact that i read a lot of fan fiction and unpublished work, some authors i realize pretty quickly why they are amateurs others are so good i just can't wrap my head around it.
Do you have a favorite story or book or something that could help me write better, please tell, I'm literally all ears.

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