cricketpoor (cricketpoor) wrote,

long time no see

It has been a while hasn't it? I have been without internet for quite sometime.. here is a BtVS fic I haven't posted I think....


Getting out of the closet

By Cricketpoor

Paring: Spike/Xander

Warning Slash

Authors Notes: I went through my fan fiction and found this in the unpublished file which unfortunately is bigger than the one for published work. Anyway here it is.

Spike looked around in the empty apartment. Xander had told him to come by and help him move some sofa or something of the like. After acting annoyed for a very short time Spike had agreed. And now he stood there all alone.


Even with vampire hearing Spike had trouble hearing the reply.

”I’m here.”

Spike walked in the direction of the voice and found him self standing in front of Xanders wardrobe. The doors opened and Xander walked out.

”What did I just do”

Spike looked confused

”Got out of the closet”

Xander nodded, and gave the vampire a pointed look. Realization hit Spike like a nuclearbomb. His eyes went huge as he said

”You mean you…”

Xander nodded and smiled as Spike wrapped his arms around him.

The End


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